Annotator CL-GPS Precision CameraLink Timestamp

IONETRICS, INC introduces the Annotator CL GPS CameraLink Annotator for stamping CameraLink data streams with precise GPS referenced time tags, a 32-bit frame number, and other valuable data. A modulated IRIG-B output is also generated synchronized to GPS time. In addition, the time stamp can be synchronized to a modulated IRIG-B input. The unit can also operate in a free running mode with time set by the host system over the built-in USB link.

Annotator CL-GPS Precision CameraLink Timestamp

The Annotator CL GPS is ideal for high speed cameras, spectrometers, radiometers, and other instruments with meta-data and time tagging needs. The annotation occurs in hardware and is injected directly into the CameraLink data stream. Since the annotation data is collected synchronously with the primary sensor data, there is no need for complicated post processing software. The Annotator CL GPS works with existing end user hardware and software with no modifications.

Two modes of annotation, digital and text, are supported. These can be used together or separately and can be independently disabled or enabled at user defined positions. The digital mode inserts a 32-word encoded block into the data stream. The text mode overlays text onto the data stream.

In addition to the CameraLink annotation features, the Annotator CL GPS combines the functions of CameraLink repeater, video splitter, breakout box, GPS receiver, and IRIG time code generator into one integrated peripheral. Master and slave CameraLink outputs are synchronized to exactly the same output data stream. Several flexible time code latching options are provided.

The Anncle software application is also provided so that end users can easily setup and control the Annotator CL GPS from the host system using USB. This software can run alongside end user software as a dedicated Annotator CL GPS control panel.

The Annotator CL GPS is available in a standalone enclosure or as an OEM PC board. For more information about this innovative new product, see

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New Illuminated Pushbutton Switch Featuring Custom Cap Options

E-Switch announces the new LP2 series illuminated pushbutton switch, featuring multiple LED colors, custom marking options on the caps, and different cap sizes. The LED colors feature red, blue, green, yellow, white or none. You can choose from six different button colors as well: black, red, white, gray, transparent red, and transparent blue. You also can choose a stock graphic or a custom graphic for the button. Specifications include:

• Operating Life: 300,000 cycles
• Contact Rating: 20VDC @ 1mA; 5VDC @ 5mA
• Contact Resistance (Initial Max): 200milliohms max @ 5VDC, 1mA
• Contact Arrangement: SPST, normally open
• Insulation Resistance: 100Megaohms max @ 100VDC
• Dielectric Strength (1 min): 250 VAC
• Force: 125 +/- 35 grams
• Travel: 1.3mm +/- 0.3mm
• Operating/Storage Temperature: -20C to +70C

Markets and applications for the LP2 series illuminated pushbutton switch include audio/visual, consumer electronics, telecommunications, medical, testing/instrumentation, computer/servers, and more.

Visit E-Switch at to request your full-line catalog! You can also request a sample of one of over 4,000 discrete part numbers for one of your projects! Little Details. Big Quality.

About E-Switch. In 2009, E-Switch, Inc. acquired Lamb Industries and now offers one of the broadest switch lines available today.

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