Dadam Design, Winner of the 2008 CES Best of Innovation Award, Enters the American Marketplace

Dadam Design Associates, one of Korea’s top consumer electronics product design companies won the Red Dot Award and CES Best of Innovation award for 2008. Immediately following, Dadam Design ( ) was selected by the Korean Government to participate in their international expansion program. Dadam has received a financial grant by the Korean government, as well as premier consultancy by the American Business Alliance, Inc. (ABA.).

Included in this years launch is the rollout of Dadam’s D3 Line of consumer electronics products, two of which won best design at the 2009 CES show.

Dadam Design had to meet rigorous standards of financial and marketplace viability in order to participate in this elite program. The company is a full service product design group with a portfolio that boasts thousands of recognizable designs throughout Asia. “Dadam has designed products for some of the largest companies and their branches in Asia, including, Philips, Intel, Siemens, 3M, Apple, Samsung, LG, KT, Hyundai, Posco, Cowon, Sharp, Huawei, UTStarcom, Haier, Midea, GreatWall, Panda, Amoi, and Yulong.”

Dadam’s expansion into the United States marketplace is a ‘natural next step given our success in Korea,’ claims Kate Lee, Overseas Marketing Director for Dadam Designs. “We are excited to be backed by the Korean government and the American Business Alliance and with the assistance of Jeremy Madvin at ABA , we look forward to impressing our American clients with the innovative designs and professionalism we have shared with our Korean clients.’

Dadam is committed to seamless interactions between their Korean design team and their American clients. They have established a local branch office in the Los Angeles area in order to achieve the high levels of customer service and fast turnaround times that have made them successful in Korea. “We have world class standards” Lee claims “and we intend to show them off.”

Via EPR Network
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