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MK Electric Gives The Ultimate Consumer Unit Design

Lamp Post Electrical Supplies have built an excellent business by supplying first class electrical equipment, which will completely fit their customers requirements. This has been carried out by using manufacturers who not only supply excellent quality products but also supply good technical advice on the product and its usage. MK Electric is one supplier that fits all these requirements and they are able to supply some of the best consumer units on the market to the exact specification required by the customer.

One example is a standard consumer unit in the MK Electric range which is supplied by Lamp Post Electrical Supplies and this is the MK K7666SP 17th edition consumer unit with basically a 16 way dual RCD (Residual Current Device) set up. This unit can easily be supplied as a single consumer unit with MCB (Mini Circuit Breakers) chosen by the electrician or Lamp Post and MK can supply the advice for the complete specification. If Lamp Post are given the specification MK will design the consumer unit to meet that specification and build it especially within the day for supply by Lamp Post Electrical Supplies the next day. The consumer unit normally requires tailoring to the needs of each individual residence and whilst there are ways in which this can be done just to cover the regulations there are a great number of advantages in setting the systems so that they meet the users exact requirements.

Lamp Post Electrical Supplies can supply excellent advice along with a full range of equipment in the MK Electric Consumer unit range and they are proud to represent one of the major manufacturers of the electrical protection and power distribution systems. The MK K7666SP 17th edition consumer unit is a basic unit but the consumer unit can be used as a standard system with a dual RCD protection system covering a full range of MCBs but it is often better if some of the outlets are covered in different ways and Lamp Post Electrical Supplies can assist with all the requirements.

There is a superb range of MK Electric RCD systems that range from block units to individual circuit units. There are a range of RCBO units which usually control just one circuit. This is ideal for consumer units where the household or office want total protection but it really is essential for the individual circuits, which provide power to the safety or certain essential services. This is usually circuits such as fire and burglar alarms and equipment like freezers and refrigerators, which require secure power supplies wherever possible. There are RCBOs which can turn off with say a power cut and not turn back on when power is restored but in most cases these should be avoided in favour of the type that restore power to the circuit when power returns. There is also a range of DIN rail mounted time switches that can be fitted to meet specific remote power requirements.

Lamp Post Electrical Supplies is pleased to supply any of the MK range and if the item is not on the web site an email or a telephone call will resolve the problem.


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Lamp Post Electrical Supplies Light Up With Wylex Consumer Units

Lamp Post Electrical Supplies now stock a fantastic range of electrical goods for supply to the power distribution business and the Wylex range of products are great example of just how good that range is. Wylex are particularly noted for their range of high class consumer units and the quality belies the fact that they are extremely competitively priced and of a major significance to the market place. Lamp Post Electrical Supplies can supply the full range of Wylex consumer units and if the user cannot find what is required on the internet then a simple phone call to the company will get the full details of the range of the products and also give a delivery date. Invariably the products can be supplied off the shelf.

The Wylex consumer units are extremely well made and the choice of units is almost too large but this market place is difficult as there are so many different requirements and Wylex and Lamp Post Electrical Supplies are pleased to be able to supply all the differing needs.

One of the most pleasing things from the point of view of Lamp Post Electrical Supplies is that the Wylex consumer units now have so much versatility built into them. All of the Wylex consumer units conform to the 17th Edition regulations and all new consumer units are fitted to these regulations but Wylex have moved on and offer the user the ability to introduce a far greater degree of protection than the regulations require. The Wylex consumer units can be either a split load system where certain circuits are ganged together with each gang to be protected by a Residual Current Device (RCD) or they can be individually protected circuits with an RCD on each or more preferably a Residual Current Breaker with Overload Protection (RCBO) micro circuit breaker on each circuit. The RCD protects against current leakage to earth and the RCBO protects against current leakage to earth and also overcurrent conditions as well. The idea that every circuit is individually protected by an RCBO is something that Lamp Post Electrical –http://www.lamppostelectrical.co.uk – is very keen to promote. The savings in injury and death from electrocution cannot be underestimated and is worth the effort and expense, although the expense is not at all large.

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Safety Improvements Required For Home Electrics

It is interesting to note that in a University electrical laboratory students are limited to dealing with 50v and 3A maximum, yet we are allowed free to use 240v and 13A with virtually no restrictions at home.

So one would question why all new dwellings have to have modern consumer units fitted by law, and older houses do not? Time for a change maybe?

Well you do not have to wait for the law to change as getting your old fuse box changed for a consumer unit is a very straight forwards job for a competent electrician, and should take them less than a day to fit.

If you have just bought an older property then changing an old fuse box over should be your first priority, particularly if you are going to be doing a lot of refurbishment, which may put a higher than normal load on the electrical system.

Firstly there is the safety aspect with regards to electrocution, a modern consumer unit features Residual Current Devices (RCD’s) that sense any current imbalance between the positive and neutral conductors, such as you drilling through the live cable in a wall. The beauty of them is that they sense this imbalance in milliseconds, and cut out the power before it has had chance to electrocute you. This alone for me is a good enough reason for anyone to replace their fuse box as soon as possible.

Secondly unlike a fuse box, the modern units have mini-circuit breakers that do not blow out like a fuse but just trip out, and unlike a fuse they can be instantly re-switched on by flicking the breaker back up. This means goodbye to trying to find the right grade fuse wire in the dark, and no more running out of the right grade of fuse wire full stop.

They can also be fitted with Residual Current Circuit Breakers with Overload protection (RCBO’s), which also sense current overload. Whilst the fitment of RCD’s in new boxes is mandatory, the next logical progression would be for RCBO’s to also be made mandatory to fit.

Also the safety benefits in replacing an older fuse box with a new consumer unit far outweigh the cost of fitting, particularly with new eight way units starting from as low as £35 plus the cost of the RCD’s and Mini-Breakers.

By fitting a new consumer unit you greatly de-risk being electrocuted or having an electrical fire, so do it today before it is too late.

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