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Lamp Post Electrical have realised that one of the fastest growing areas of electrical control is that of the wireless electrical control systems and are pleased to promote the Wisedim Kit – A 4 Channel dimmable wireless switching system. Wireless switching systems are likely to become a major force in the home and in industry over the next few years as the different option become more obvious and the market develops the switches and controls, which will accept a wireless control signal. The Wisebox switching system can already control switching of lights, garage doors and water features as well as a host of other options around the home and garden and Lamp Post Electrical has been very pleased with their supply of this item and the Wisedim Kit is a good extension of the market range.

The Wisedim Kit is as the name suggests a wireless dimmer system and contains a receiver that uses 4 channels each independent of the next and rated at 700 watt each, which are all capable of dimming a separate lighting circuit. The kit is easy to install and can therefore act as the perfect replacement to your traditional dimmer switches around the home. The system has the ability to remember the previous setting so when switched on again will return the lighting system to the previous levels of light. The system can also be used as a switching system on any of the independent channels so that it can be used with LED or fluorescent lighting fittings, which are not dimmable. Lamp Post Electrical has been particularly pleased with the remote key fob which is used to control the system as this is easy to carry and very easy to operate and has the back up of a wall mounted switch with seven switches of which four operate the individual circuits and the other three work on the functions of two circuits on, four circuits on or all circuits off.

Lamp Post Electrical have noted that the wisebox kits allow a simple dimming system that can be operated from the comfort of the armchair and will allow a completely different approach to lighting within the home. This system now allows the user to use light as a decoration as well as a system of being able to see what you are doing. Certainly the system can be changed from a reading lighting requirement to a comfortable level for listening to music or watching the TV but now it is possible to use coloured lights to paint the room so that the ambience meets the time of the day or the mood of the user. This may sound a little strange but a person’s mood changes during the day and it has been found that the strong active lighting systems that match the early morning activeness recedes during the day as the person’s body prepares for rest and the lighting systems change accordingly then Wisedim allows this to be achieved from the armchair.

Lamp Post Electrical have been delighted with the Wisedim system and encourages the reader to look at their web site to get a full view of the system and if there are any queries to send them an email or give them a call and work out just what can be achieved.

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ePathChina: The Most Reliable Electronic Goods Supplier

ePathChina is a proficient B2C e-commerce website owned by a Chinese drop-shipping and wholesale company, ePathChina Limited. This Hong Kong-based company serves buyers across the world. It is also a wholesale exporter of a wide variety of electronic products, including Cell Phones, Media Players, Computers and Office Accessories, Car Accessories, Games and Gadgets, Cameras and Camcorders, Home Electronics, Security and Surveillance, General Accessories and much more.

In particular, ePathChina has an exclusive range of products in categories like spy cameras, LED flashlights, iPads, and Galaxy Tab accessories, which have gained tremendous popularity in global markets.

Over 5 Years of Industry Experience and 25,000 Satisfied Clients

With more than five years of experience, the company has served over 25,000 customers globally. All the products offered on their site are made in Shenzen (China), which is a global sourcing center for electronic products. All of them are passed through 100% quality inspection to ensure high quality, and are offered at wholesale prices. After the sale, if the customer is facing any problem with the products, they are eligible to avail unconditional after-service.

ePathChina is a great online shopping website for buying wholesale electronics, especially if you are buying things in bulk. This website supplies goods and products to all businessmen, like eBay sellers, retailers, distributors, drop shippers, store owners, and small wholesalers.

Why Should You Consider ePathChina for Your Electronic Shopping Needs?

If you have just come across ePathChina, it is quite obvious that you would be wondering why you should consider this e-commerce website. There is more than one reason as to why you should opt for this! Read on to know.

•  Products with Great Value : Of late, ePathChina has re-entered the market with only high quality products, implying the site has got rid of the poor quality items after researching through them. This appears to be an excellent improvement since all the products that are on sale now are high quality ones at inexpensive cost, meaning they are products of great value.

•  Safe and Easy Payment Methods : The website offers easy methods for payments through Western Union, bank transfer, PayPal (credit cards), and Money Gram. All payment currencies are also available on this online shopping site.

•  Best Delivery Procedures : The goods are delivered in time as promised by them. Usually, they promise to ship 30% of the products on the same day as the order is placed, 50% order within 2 days, and 15% orders within 3 days.

•  Good Client Support : The client support that the company offers is good even for after-sales service. They are courteous and quick enough in answering all customer concerns. The company still focuses on improving service quality all the time.

Overall, ePathChina is a reliable company for all your electronic shopping needs.

Upgraded Website

As a successful foreign trade wholesaler, ePathChina always stays updated with the changing times and technology so as to meet the higher demands and needs of the customers. Recently, the company updated its old website by not only changing the homepage’s overall layout, but also individual product’s web page. Customers can get to see more product images that are more colorful and clearer than before, while they can get a refreshing and pleasant feel. Moreover, there are more images displayed for each product from different angles as against just one image for one product earlier. This helps to give the purchaser all-wave info of the product.

In addition, customers can get clear details of inquiry in a new page. Irrespective of whether it is just one deal or two or larger orders, customers can find great deals. They can also find few useful tips given on the page like shipping, after-sales service, and FAQs, which have been added to meet the consumer demands.

ePathChina Coupons

If you are a regular shopper at, the benefits that you can avail do not end at just competitive prices and good customer service. Further, there are ePathChina coupons that offer discounts and promotional offers, making the purchase even more meaningful and valuable for you as a customer. Customers can use the coupon codes to avail an extra discount. Reviewing the website on a regular basis can help you to be aware of such offers and avail them.

Thriving to Ensure 100% Customer-Satisfaction

Ever since the company was established in the year 2007, it has been striving hard to be consumers’ desired partner. It will continue with its website optimization and offer more exceptional service to meet the higher consumer demands.

This way, ePathChina has always been striving hard to meet the consumer needs and keep them up-to-date with the advancements in technology, and ensure 100% satisfaction in every regard.

So, what are you waiting for – come and shop at, and avail all the exclusive deals today!

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The PV6 Series Anti-Vandal Switch Now Offers More Features And Options For Your Application

E-Switch announces new features for the popular PV6 anti-vandal switch. This tamper-resistant switch is used in many applications, including those accessible to the public, and those requiring a sleek design. It offers both dot and ring illumination options and is rated to IP65 standards. The new features for this PV6 series anti-vandal switch include:

1. A high actuator option: Now those with gloved hands or large fingertips can actuate this 16mm diameter switch with ease.

2. PV6 Pilot Indicator option: This allows you to illuminate and communicate on your panel while maintaining a sleek and uncluttered panel design. The pilot indicator has the exact same housing and panel diameter as our PV6 switch, just without the switching contacts.

3. Black anodized aluminum option: This popular finish is now available in all our PV6 switches and pilot indicator options.

Specifications for the PV6 include:

  • Mechanical Life:  1,000,000 cycles
  • Electrical Life: 50,000 cycles
  • Contact Rating: 2A @ 48V DC
  • Contact Resistance: 50m O Max
  • Insulation Resistance: 1,000 M O min
  • Dielectric Strength: 2,000VAC
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 55°C
  • Operating Force:   4 N
  • Travel: 1.5mm
  • Contact Arrangement: SPST, Off-(On)
  • Panel Thickness: 1-10mm
  • Panel Cutout: 16mm diameter
  • Moisture Protection: IP67 rated

Detailed specifications of the PV6 series anti-vandal switch

PV6 series catalog datasheet

Visit E-Switch at to request your full-line catalog! You can also request a sample of one of over 4,000 discrete part numbers for one of your projects!

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