Making the iPod or iPhone Ultra Protected, a premier online retailer specializing in iPhone cases and iPod Cases, provide the essentials in protecting these devices while simultaneously giving a sleek appearance. With most cases having an unattractive appeal, or causing extra bulk, ShadesCases has reinvented the product with the consumer in mind.

iPhones and iPods are becoming everyday commodities that many use throughout the entire day. In a technologically advance world where many feel lost without certain electronics, it becomes apparent and necessary to protect these types of products. Whether it be from normal wear and tear, or added security from potential accidents, cases are a must-have.

ShadesCases has designed their cases with the consumer in mind. Not only do they provide the ultimate protection, but also posses a sleek and modern appeal. Thus, one no longer has to be concerned about the unattractiveness of a case, or the extra bulk that some may have. According to customer testimonials, ShadesCases have been described as the, “Best Case Ever!” and “A Fantastic Purchase.” With full protection and a variety of stylish casings, it is no wonder Shades has developed and maintained a large consumer following.

The online retailer provides cases for all iPhone and iPod products from varying generations and gigabyte size such as the latest iPod Touch 4G to the first generation iPod nano. ShadesCases carries a variety of cases ranging in 12 different amazing colors, thus one is sure to find the perfect case.

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Vaisala Introduces New Cleanroom-optimized Humidity and Temperature Transmitters

Continuous humidity and temperature monitoring is essential in ensuring the high quality of both processes and end products in life science and microelectronics industries. To ensure accurate and stable measurement data, Vaisala introduces two new humidity and temperature transmitters, designed for use in cleanrooms and demanding HVAC applications specifically.

The new Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Transmitters HMT120 and HMT130 complement Vaisala’s existing offering of relative humidity measurement instruments that covers various applications from monitoring to ventilation and process control in demanding environments.

In addition to delivering accurate and reliable measurement data, the new transmitters are durable, easy-to-use and easy-to-install. Further, their smooth enclosure finish is resistant to dust and cleaning agents, which means that the transmitters are ideal for installation in cleanrooms and other critical environments with very high level of cleanliness and air quality requirements.

“Maintaining constant environmental conditions in production and storage environments is everything to our customers. The new transmitters incorporate Vaisala’s state-of-the-art HUMICAP® humidity sensor technology with guaranteed high measurement performance, which – especially when used in conjunction with the Vaisala Veriteq Continuous Monitoring System – means that our customers can rest assured that their products remain protected at all times,” says Jan Grönblad, Regional Market Manager for Vaisala’s Life Science and High Technology business.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the transmitters can be either wall-mounted or used with a remote probe for installation in ceilings, chambers or air ducts. Calibration and maintenance are made simple, quick and cost-effective by making the transmitters’ measurement probes fully interchangeable. As a result, calibration does not need to be done onsite, and the probes can be replaced without having to remove and re-adjust the transmitter.

For further information and detailed product specifications, please go to

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Discount Codes For Currys, UK’s Foremost Electrical Retailer

Currys ( Currys are UK’s foremost electrical retailer. With Curry’s you can Shop online for the best deals on everything from Washing Machines and Dishwashers to Sat Navs and Cameras.

Appliances are a necessity in life but that isn’t an excuse for you to have to pay a lot of money for them. It may surprise you to learn that the high prices don’t come from the manufacturers. They are the result of mark ups from the retailers. This is how Currys is able to offer you the same top brand appliances that other places offer but at a price that is considerably lower.

You can save money when shopping at Curry’s by using Currys Discount Codes.

The kitchen is a location where you may be spending lots of time. Making great meals can be faster and even fun though when you have the right appliances on your side. You can give your entire kitchen a great make over too with a new stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher. If you like to buy items in bulk to save money then a freezer may be the one appliance you can really benefit from right now.

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